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"The whole album began in my head late 1993 one day, and I got home from work and got the riffs down on guitar. Then, I rehearsed it for myself, then learn it in my head and made decisions for the drumming. Then,I started recording the drums while humming the song in my head. I already started this procedure on the first Isengard demo in summer 1989, so I had a lot of practice doing just that. I liked the result, I liked the way the guitars sounded together with those particular riffs. So I just contiunued. After or before work every day. I would record and make more. Two weeks later I had made the whole thing. Ted got lyrics through the mail from me, and Varg was in jail with no communication to the outside world, so I offered him to speak through lyrics. Then, Ted came down and we took Necrohell portable studio, which had all four tracks full of Transilvanian Hunger, to another studio to lay vocals."

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